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Auction Profit Machines is designed by Jeff Johnson and Rob Pietras who are very successful internet marketing entrepreneurs in their own right. In a nutshell it is a program that has been put together to show anybody how they can have a successful work from home business by selling information products on eBay. Basically they are saying that eBay is a virtually untapped market for selling info products and if used correctly the potential is there to make some serious money.

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Jeff tells us that he got his inspiration when he was looking for a gift for a family member. He mentions that he stumbled across this guy selling copies of his Grandma’s chocolate chip cookie recipe for $20. He suddenly realized that he had nine copies on auction at that one time. A bit of quick maths later and Jeff realized that it came out to $180 for one single auction, if he sold them all. If this same guy ran this very same auction every single day he stood to make something like just over $65,000 per year. Not bad money for sending out a simple email with a recipe attached.

After doing some further research he realized that it wouldn’t be as easy as that, because eBay only lets you sell downloadable products in their “classifieds” section. This incurs higher fees and more importantly doesn’t count towards your power seller status.

This is where Auction Profit Machines comes in. Jeff and Rob have come up with a system whereby they give you all the info that you will need in order to have your info products put onto CD’s and DVD’s. They say that all your product costs can be met by the buyer because you can sell them for more and you can also put them up for sale in the auction marketplace where the listing fees are lower and you will in turn receive feedback.

The cost of the course is $67.00 and for this you get the Auction Profit System which is a step by step guide into how to run your business from day one. You also get 3 bonus guides and these are: How to create your own E-book quickly, How to write killer sales copies and finally a series of step by step video tutorials.

Auction Profit Machines makes a refreshing change from all the other programs out there and indeed sounds quite promising. The reviews are refreshingly good and you have the added bonus of a 60 day money back policy, where if you buy the course and you aren’t happy, you get to keep it and also get every penny of your money refunded. However like any investment it will pay you to do you research before parting with any cash.

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