Computer Dating Services – An Insider’s Guide

In the twenty first century online dating services are growing exponentially; it is difficult to get even a broad estimate of the number of people who are seeking dating partners through dating sites. The process is simple yet at the same time quite sophisticated. But this hasn’t always been the case.

Decades ago, even before the internet was invented, there were computer dating services. The early electronic matchmakers used extensive profiles that were compiled in a dating company’s office. ukrainian babes  These services were considered cutting edge technology; we laugh when we think about the process those using the service went through in pre-web days: They a completed a questionnaire and those answers were fed into a computer. The computer was very large, often requiring its own room, and very slow.  After the data was entered it churned away and finally, after much computing time, spit out a list of potential singles who were the best match for you.

Some services were more advanced than others and included additional features liked videotaped messages or interviews that were shared with interested singles who the computer said would be a match.

Those early services appeared to be so mysterious and technical. In reality, most of those computer dating services probably used a very simple matching formula. The “computer” behind the matching was simply the enticement or bait that brought people willing to pay for a dating service through the door. Today, when most people are exposed to so much technology, with access to computers in almost every home, and high-speed internet connections taken for granted, these old-style dating services seem antiquated.

Like so many other things from the past, the old school computer dating service is still around, but with a new face.Now they are the modern online dating sites you see advertised so often. At first glance, these new style computer dating services mirror the old style services. The big difference is that instead of going to the company’s offices for a matching session, you have the luxury of entering your information from the comfort and privacy of your home. Yes, you can go online in your pajamas if you like and fill out the questions at your convenience 24 hours a day.

Going beyond the basics of how computer dating services work, the matching process has become more refined. While years ago an uncomplicated, straightforward matching process was sufficient, these days those seeking to find a date online expect a greater level of matching expertise. They expect that the people they are matched with to be much more compatible than those they would typically meet in the dating world.

Online dating and real world dating have some similarities. For example, one thing they have in common is getting to know someone before the first date.  Often, in the “real world” a  charmdate reviews  dating relationship starts with an introduction from friends and this introduction may be followed up with a number of phone calls. The time spent on the phone allows the two people involved to become comfortable with one another.  The online dating world starts with an electronic introduction between two singles and then, usually, a series of e-mails constitute the beginning of the dating relationship.

Even though a large number of today’s singles are too young to remember the old style computer dating services, they are aware of, if they haven’t tried them, the singles matching services available online. Today’s singles can expect to receive a high level of sophistication from the modern systems that match their profile with other available singles. But remember: online dating is like real world dating- the introduction is just the start. After that it’s your responsibility to take the dating relationship where you want it to go.

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